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I have been working in the London escorts for five years now, and at the moment I am working for Balham escorts At first when I joined the escorts service, I thought I was only going to stay in for a few years or so. But now, after having worked in the service for five years, I am finding hard to let go. Some of the girls that I work with have been in it for even longer and a lot of them are saying the same thing. They don’t really know where to go from here.

Balham Escorts
Balham Escorts

Many of the girls who work for Balham escorts have been working in the service for a long time. Our boss, Alan, focuses on providing escorts with a lot of experience. We have some very discerning gents who date at our agency, and there is no way that Alan would be able to run the agency without experienced escorts. I am 26 years years old, and I am now the youngest girl at the agency. Some of the ladies are even in their 40’s and they are just as busy as many of the other younger girls. It is amazing but gents in the area do appreciate the finer things in life.

Us girls here at Balham escorts, go on all sorts of dates. Just like any other London escort services, we try to stay on top of things, and cater for our gents as best as we can. Yes, we have taken on the latest dating styles such as duo dating, and escorts for couples, but regular one-on-one dating is till the most popular form of dating at our escorts service. The gents who meet are ladies are a bit more mature, and I think the majority of them, appreciate a good chat as well.

Most of the Balham escorts are English. I have worked for about three different escorts services since I got into escorting, and most of the girls were very cosmopolitan. Things are different here and the gents that I meet up with on a regular basis like to date English girls. We also do a lot of business dating, and I seem to be forever attending business functions. I think that is kind of nice, and we get a chance to meet so many nice people. They are real gents, and most of them to visit us again when they come to London.

But, while I enjoy working for Balham escorts, I cannot see myself doing this job forever. I know that many of the girls who are in their 40’s really enjoy escorting but I am not so sure that I would want to do. After all, there are so many different things you can do these days. I would like to have my own business and I am thinking about going to college to train to do beauty. Beauty is a big thing in London as well, and I have always been interested in beauty, and I enjoy looking after people.

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