Following the footsteps – Slough escorts

Both my mum and grandma used to work as escorts, and they cannot see anything wrong with me following in their footsteps. My mum has got a friend who know runs Slough escorts of She says that she thinks that escorting outside of the center of London is much better these days, and I would probably end up doing really well for myself. Yes, both my mum and my grandma have given me lots of tips on how to escort, but I am not sure that I would like to do for a living.

I have met some of the girls at Slough escorts and they seem to be okay. Most of them are foreign and I think that the boss of the agency is actually looking for more English escorts to work with him. So far, I have done a little bit of work in the adult entertainment industry in London. I did not really fancy the idea of going straight into escorting, so I have been working as a hostess in a club, it pays really well and I have met some nice people. Besides, I like living in London.

When I think about it, Slough escorts seems like a million miles away, and I would have to give up my flat which my dad bought for me. Well, I suppose I could perhaps rent it out but I do really love the place. It is small but it is all that I need for me. The best thing about the flat is that it has a really nice little garden. I love that and spending time outside when I finish my work at the club is important to me. It is a bit like getting away from everything and that feels good.

Working in the club is something that I really like, but mum really thinks that Slough escorts would be a good job for me. I know that I would probably earn more money working for the escort agency, but I do have enough at the moment. Unlike my mum and my grandma, I do not waste money. I like to save and that is what I do when I get paid. Sure, I pay all of my bills but I do not overspend on stuff. I am not tight neither but I have done well for myself so far.

In many ways, I think that my nan and mum miss escorting and this is why the want me to go escorting at Slough escorting. Working in the club is a bit like escorting anyway. You get to look after all of these gents and I have to admit that it rather gets me motor running. At the moment, I am a mistress to one of the guys that I have met in the club. He treats me just right and looks after me. I think that I am going to stay where I am, enjoy the company of my gent and have a good time. Moving out to Slough may be an attractive proposal to somebody but I don’t think it is for this girl.

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