How do you control your man?  

I often say to the cheapest and best escorts in London that I found it difficult to control my husband.He wants to do this and that, and I seem to be running after him all the time. My London escorts friends from know that I am not very good at getting up early, but yet I am out of my bed at six am. My husband likes to get up at six so that means I am up to prepare his breakfast. He takes our two big dogs for a run, and I am left in the kitchen. He normally returns home at 6.35 am sharp and then has a shower plus breakfast. At 7 am prompt he wakes up our daughter with the Elephant’s march from the Jungle Book playing on her iPad, and then he is off to work. At the weekends my London escorts friends no there is no point in contacting me. Saturday morning in our household is dedicated to the dubious pleasure of rowing on the Thames. We are up at 7 am and my husband takes our daughter down to the rowing club at 9 am sharp. Some of my London escorts friends who live close by will see me out exercising our big dogs and sometimes trailing a small very old Yorkshire terrier behind. Husband and daughter comes home after they have joined lunch together. Sunday morning to about early afternoon is family day out and we often have lunch somewhere. I have given up telling him where I want to go, and as I have told my London escorts friends, we go where my daughter tells her dad she wants to go. A lot of my London escorts friends say that they often see us trailing around China Town and enjoying lunch there. Needless to say, daughter loves China town. I am always grateful when Monday comes around so that I can sit down and have coffee with my London escorts friends. It is such a relief, and I know that I will get a break from the madness which is my household. It is strange but Monday to Friday are sort of my personal days, and I often tell my London escorts friends that they feel special. They are sort of calmer some how and I really enjoy them. The weekends in my life seem to fly by and my feet hardly touch the ground. Can you control a man? I can control him in the bedroom but that is really the only place I get the chance. The rest of the time and our lives seem to belong to him. I have thought about burning his oars and taking away his gold clubs but I am pretty sure that will never happen. I love him and I appreciate how hard he works. That being said, I still get turned on when I see him rowing up the river or takes me on a pleasure row up the Thames. Passing under Tower Bridge is always a special experience.

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