I will always be grateful of my life now as a London escort


I feel as satisfied of my life now as I become a Cheap London escort. After the struggles and difficulties that I have been through, it’s becoming a London escort helps me to move on from it. There is no one who can make my life a lot easier being a London escort helps me to move on from my past. I got a hard life before, the feeling that sometimes I wish of having a great life someday. Getting jealous of people who could eat three meals a day. It’s hard for me to have that kind of life before, especially in our situation. I am born with a poor family, it’s not easy though. Sometimes we look for garbage for food. Sometimes we slept with our tummy aching. I can still remember the days I prayed for having a good life. I thought that marriage would help me escape from that nightmare, but I was wrong. I was wrong to go with my boyfriend and trust him with my life. I was wrong to depend my happiness to someone who is not capable of loving. I thought my life would be easy marrying someone but it didn’t, it turns out to be a nightmare. I met this guy around 13 years ago, he is a good looking man, he is older than me for ten years but I didn’t mind it as long as he promise to take good care of me. He is a wealthy person, a lot of people says that he is a womanizer but I didn’t mind them, I thought they were just creating stories to him as his actions he showed to me is unlikely like that. Many people won’t let me marry him even my parents, they beg for me but I didn’t listen to them. I prioritize myself and leave them to go with my boyfriend. Yes he marries me but it was a fake marriage and I have no idea of it before. Years passed by his treatment to me began to change. I suffer a lot from him. Thankfully I got a chance to escape from him and look for work than go home. I become a London escort who help me support myself until I got more in life. I get what I want being a London escort. I don’t have to beg for food or look to the garbage can. Many people love to book London escort and I am one of the favourites. I got a lot of money being a London escort. I officially sue my ex-husband for making me his sex slave without my authority anymore and also for faking our marriage. After that I started to change my life, went back home and see my family still struggling. I offered then help and asked sorry for abandoning them but it also caused some positive sides since I got a great career now as a London escort.  I will always be grateful of the life I have now and being a London escort too.

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