Is working the night shift bad for you?



Somehow all of the gents that I date at Dalston escorts would like to see me on the night shift. It means that I am more or less stuck working nights all of the time. At first, it was not such a big issue, but I have noticed that I am becoming more and more tired. Could it be that working the night shift is not that good for you, and I should try to change?


It seems to me that I don’t see day light any more. When I get home in the early morning, it is still dark and when I wake up it is getting to be dark as well. The other day I felt rather out of it and noticed that my eyes looked having. That evening when I started my shift at Dalston escorts from, I had a lot of problems waking up. It felt like I was not there and that I needed a shower all of the time. In all honesty, I could have sat in a chair and ate chocolate bars all of the time.


Some of the other girls at Dalston escorts who work the night shift say exactly the same thing. They are always tired and hate to get out of bed when they wake up. It would be nice if I could spend some more time outside, but I don’t really seem to be getting there at all. I am so tired that I do not have the energy to go outside and get some exercise. Looking at myself in the mirror, I think that I am beginning to look really exhausted.


Next month, I am planning to take a bit of break from Dalston escorts. My parents live abroad and I am just going to pop over to them for a sunshine break. They don’t know that I work for an escort service in Dalston but that is okay. We really don’t talk about my gym that much. Both of my parents retired early and have become rather self-centred. They are far busier playing golf than they are looking after other people. The way I see it, they seem to have lost interest in me completely but such is life.


When I come back to Dalston escorts, I will start to change my hours. Working the night shift all of the time is just too much for me. I would love to have the chance to see some sunshine and spend some time outside. It is a really good job working for an escort agency, but I think that it is beginning to take it out of me. Most of the girls stay for about 5 years, and I keep on wondering if it is time that I moved and did something completely different. I know a couple of girls who have gone up to London to work, and they seem to be doing okay. Perhaps I should do the same thing myself.


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