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If you are a bit like me and have a fetish forty, you may want to buy the gent, or gents in your life, a tie for that special occasion. If you are mistress, you will know that a link is something agents may explain away to their wives. Of course, you want to make that tie special.
When you are looking to buy a gent a tie, and you go shopping in London, there are a couple of places you love to go. I tend to know the gents I date at New Cross escorts from pretty well, which means I have the benefit of knowing their taste in ties. If your gent is conservative in his dress, it is a good idea to go to a place like Harrods. They have an excellent tie selection, and you will find many of their ties are a bit more discreet and of very high quality at the same time—certainly one of the best places in London to buy a link.
Should you happen to be lucky enough to know your gent’s tailor in London, you may want to pop in and see them. Most London tailors are very discreet and like to maintain their clients’ affairs private, so you don’t have to worry. At New Cross escorts, I always make a point of looking inside my gents’ jacket. If he has a personal tailor, you will find the name of the tailor their. Tailors will know their gent’s taste in ties, and I have always found that they are more than happy to help when choosing the perfect connection.
Some agents prefer neutral ties, and another gent I meet at New Cross escorts like bold statement ties full of vivid colors and motives. Should your gent happen to be one of those, I always go to the Liberty store in London. You will find it on Regent Street in central London, and it is one of the oldest stores in London. Their idea of tie design is somewhat different, and you will find their choices are much more colorful. Shopping in this store is a great deal of fun, and you will come across some unusual pieces.
Not all of the girls at New Cross escorts will buy their gents a present, but I think it is nice to do. You will often find your gent will remember you when it comes to your birthday or Christmas, so why should you not return the gesture. I always do, and when the other girls wonder why I have such a good relationship with many of the gents, I explain that I treat them as people, not just dates. It is vital never to lose sight that we are all people at the end of the day, and all like a little bit of personal attention. The smile of your gent will say it all at the end of the evening.

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