Most of us have probably heard of a summer romance, but my life does not seem to work that way at all.

Instead I keep ending up meeting interesting men during the winter, and call them my winter loves. You may not assume that winter can be romantic , but I have learned that winter can just be just as romantic as any other time of the year. But, I do keep on wondering how these men only find their way to Hackney escorts of during the winter.


When I first started to escort, I had not expected to fall in love with my dates at all. I thought it would always be kind of a professional relationship, so when I started to have personal feelings for my dates, I ended up kind of surprised. During the summer I was always too busy to have time to spend extra time with my dates, but during the winter, I often found that I had some time left over for some of my dates at Hackney escorts.


That extra drink or staying for an other hour, does make a hue difference and I think that most escorts in Hackney will tell you the same thing. Most gents are in a real hurry when it comes to dating, but I was finding that my dates during the cooler part of the year had more time for me. I enjoyed getting to know my dates a little but better and needless to say, one thing led to another and I did actually end up falling in love with some um my dates at Hackney escorts.


It was not what I had expected at all, and to be fair, I was not sure that I was happy about it. It seemed that many of these men only came to London for a short period of time, a couple of months maybe. I fell in love with them, and eventually they left. It certainly did make the gray and cold winter in London more interesting but did not do a lot for my broken heart. Once spring came around, I got busier at Hackney escorts.


It feels like this is a pattern which keeps repeating itself, and I am not sure how many times I can still continue to have my heart broken. I wish that I could stop myself from falling in love with my winter loves at Hackney escort, but I guess that is going to prove to be more or less impossible. Mind you, there are a lot of attractive men around all of the time, but for some reason, there seems to be something very special about my winter loves. It is like they come around for some reason, and I often think that many of my winter loves have something special to teach about falling in love and staying in love. Do you have a love which comes around to see you at a special time of the year?

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