My ex-boyfriend suffered from erectile dysfunction during our entire relationship – London escorts

When we first met, he did not seem to have a problem at all, but after we had been dating for a couple of months, it soon became clear that he had a problem. I have come across problems similar to his many times, and a lot of the gentlemen I date at London escorts, are more than happy to talk about their problems.  Even though I mentioned to my boyfriend about my escorts in London experience, he did not seem to want to talk about it.

Instead of talking about his problem, he seemed to be only too keen to blame me. He said that the problem stemmed from my work at escorts in London. When I finished my London escorts shift late at night, he never wanted to have sex. In a way, I could understand that, but at the same time, he could sleep all night, and on Saturday morning, he could spend all day in bed if he wanted to recover. However, he still insisted that it did not help that I worked the night shift at London escorts. He came up with all sorts of crazy ideas when it came to the cause of his erectile dysfunction. At one stage, he even blamed the body lotions I used when I worked for London escorts. He said that it totally turned him on and made him feel sick.

As I wanted to keep him happy, I started to take a shower as soon as I came home from London escorts and put on another body lotion. To be fair, it did not seem to make much of a difference at all. After that he tried to blame his erectile dysfunction on my long working hours at London escorts. He said that he got really bored during the evening and that he needed to have a couple of drinks to keep himself occupied. Well, I know that alcohol can affect a man’s ability to get an erection, but I am not sure that it is true all of the time.

Surely a can of beer is not going to stop you from getting a hard on. In the end, I could not take the guilt trip any longer. I told him that I wanted him out of my life or he had to go and see a doctor. He looked at me like he was totally surprised, and said I was being offensive. I could not really handle is behavior anymore and working long hours at London escorts. To say that I was fed up would have been an understatement. Our break up was not very amicable at all and I ended up changing the lock on my apartment door as I simply did not feel safe at all. Our relationship had been a huge waste of time, but I could not see how I could possibly be to blame for my boyfriend’s erectile dysfunction. It was a problem he would have to solve by himself.

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