Reasons You Should Not Leave London Escorts

When I had been involved with London escorts for about ten years, I decided to leave and do something else. I had a great time working for London escorts, but working late at night was getting to me. It felt very much like life was happening all around me and I was not part of it. So, I retrained as a nail technician and soon find a job with a local salon. At first, I was all excited about my new job, but I soon started to change my mind.

Working for London escorts is such a unique lifestyle. Until you leave, you really don’t appreciate how special it is to work for a London escorts. When I left, I had my own flat which was all paid for so I had very little to worry about financially. However, I had forgotten about all of the little treats that I used to be able to afford thanks to London escorts. Every week I used to stop off in Harrods to buy champagne truffle chocolates. Doing so on my nail technician’s salary was simply too extravagant. It was just one of those little treats that I missed.

Most of the gents I dated at the companion company I worked at the time when I finally left did look after me amazingly well. They were always buying me special presents and most of my presents were expensive ones. I can’t remember the last time I needed to buy a perfume or body lotion. All of that kind of stuff was bought for me. Besides that, my dates used to buy me jewelry and nice bags. In other words, I had been a really spoiled girl, and I was used to being spoiled. I love being part of the adult nightlife in London, it suits me.

I also started to miss my nights out. Sure, going to the pub with my friends was okay, but it was not the same thing as going to top class restaurants in London. The guys who were trying to chat me up now thought that a packet of pork scratchings was good enough. That is not really my idea of a good night but I guess that we are all different. Most girls in my crowd seemed to be happy with that but I have to admit that I felt differently. You simply can’t beat a nice meal out in a posh restaurant.

I had not burned all of the bridges with the London escorts service that I used to work Sure, I could go back if I wanted to but I was determined to stick it out. Some mature London escorts did great, but I was not sure that I would fit in as a mature escort in London. There were some parts to my new life that I rather enjoyed and would not want to give up. I knew that adjusting to a different and new lifestyle may not be easy, and I was trying to take things in my stride. All I really needed to do was to meet an exciting man, and hopefully, he would not be so different from the men that used to book me at London escorts.

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