Recently I have started to worry about the state of escorting in London.

There are now so many escorts agencies in London that I think that the quality is beginning to slip. It seems to me that many girls, and guys who run the agencies, are desperate to break into the market and make money out of it. Are they doing the escort service in London any favours? I am not sure that they are at all, and I think that some escorts may even give other escorts a bad name.

I have been working for Barnes Cray escorts for about three years now. It is not the first London escort agency that I have worked for, but I have to say that Barnes Cray escorts of is one of the most professional agencies that I worked for. Everything is really well organised and I love the fact we are expected to work to a certain standard. I am not sure that other escort agencies in London take things that seriously.

When you take a look at other escort agencies in London. You will soon appreciate that many of them work on very cheap rates. There is no way that you are going to be able to date a girl for £35 per hour and enjoy a quality experience. Some of these girls are not even safe to be with and I am not sure that they understand the codes of practice within the agency. After all, some of them don’t even speak English very well, and I think that has a lot to do with it. They are former models and think that they are going to make money quickly. Most of us girls here at Barnes Cray escorts know that it does not work that way at all.

The amount of cheap escorts in London can be pretty frightening when you start looking at it, you really do wonder what is going. I personally keep on wondering if some of these girls are sex slaves brought in by people smuggling gangs. One of the girls that I work with at Barnes Cray escorts said that she had heard that some gangs in London actually bring in girls and force them to work for what they call an escort service. In reality, it is not an escort service at all.

Many of these girls end up working for sex rings or foreign crime families in London. Of course, this goes on in other parts of Europe as well. The girls’ families pay for passage to Europe thinking that their daughters are going to get better lives, but that is not what happens. When they arrive in London, they are often forced to become sex slaves and may even end up having unsafe sex with as much as four men per night. It is really frightening. None of the girls here at Barnes Cray escorts are sex slaves. We are all gentlemen’s companions. But I am afraid that the other girls through no fault of their own, are giving us a bad name.

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