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Everybody thinks that I am trying not to own up to my responsibilities for Clarita but that is not true. I ran away for a moment when I had found out that she was carrying my baby, I was shocked and needed a room to breathe. Anyway thankfully Clarita understood my decision and did not make a big fuss out of it. I know that I am not a good father that’s why I was afraid when I first heard the news. But when things settled down I realized that it was good to have responsibility in my life. I also love Clarita very much that’s why I can’t afford to lose her.


Clarita is an old school Bromley escort and I know I have been unfair to her. I should have known that is Bromley escort from was in a bigger trouble than me. She was the one who have to take care of the child and make sure that everything will go well when our child will be born. if things are not so complicated I would have not been a better man. I do believe that this is my only chance to prove to this Bromley escort that I can still change for the better; there is no reason to live a life if I do not have Clarita in my arms. This Bromley escort understand the life that I have and she still is alright with it. if she had been a typical woman she would have never accepted me when I bailed out on her for a moment. But this Bromley escort did not panic at all.


She knew that I love her very much and did not listen to the negative things that others have to say about me. I believe that I can still be a good father to my child if I have the love and affection of Clarita. She is the only person who I have in mind who can take one the responsibility of myself. I have a lot of responsibility now but I’m going to make sure that I put this Bromley escort first then second is my child. This Bromley escort have proven to me her loyalty and understanding in such worst situation. I have nothing to hide with her anymore. I feel save and cared for when I am with this Bromley escort. She believes in my and I also have a lot of faith in her.


But I am not willing to relax now. I still have a lot of work to do. Starting a new family is not an easy task, that’s why I have to work extra hard from now on. I am going to make sure that this Bromley escort is well taken care of. If I can’t handle that it will be a big dent on my reputation. I am not going to let them have a life full of pain. I know that this Bromley escort may deserve a man who is better than me.

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