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Chatting to my London escorts friends in a bar the other day, the conversation drifted off towards sex. We started to wonder what makes some people enjoy sex, while others do not enjoy sex at all. What makes us tick sexually, and what heightens our sexual pleasure?
London escorts are not ladies of the night who go out to have sex. It is a big misunderstanding. Escorts in London are sexy companions, and that doesn’t mean they have a particular interest. It is not only London escorts who sit around and talk about sex in bars. Oh no, many other people do as well. However, London escorts and other ladies may talk about sex differently. Let’s call it an open and honest discussion.
Sex is just as much of a fascination to London escorts of as the rest of us. We wonder why some people are interested in sex and others are not. What is the psychology behind sex, if there is any, and what makes us enjoy sex? It is such a broad topic with many different answers.
Scientists will tell you that sex is not about psychology at all. It is about physiology. A perfect friend of mine who has a Ph.D. from a fancy university says that sex is all about physiology and has nothing to do with what goes on in mind. It is a pure animal instinct, and instead of emotions and feelings, we react to things like the smell or what we see.
She claims that the sight of a man’s biceps will turn most women on as it tells our brains that he is healthy and masculine. Our brains subsequently make a load of what she calls neuro connections and decides to release hormones. Apparently, according to her, an orgasm is just a reward for mating, as she screams. It releases more hormones that make us feel good.
If that is true, why do we get to turn it on by porn? A porn movie can stimulate our fantasies and make us daydream about sex. According to my friend, that is down to hormones, and they now stimulate our brains to make us think about sex.
But why are we fascinated by sex? It is, according to Annie, where the psychology comes. Sex never used to be a taboo subject until we decided that it was. Some wise people came up with the idea that having sex was a bit of an immoral deed, and the activity should be strictly limited. This is what has made sex and porn into such a big issue.
Annie says that when we lived in early human civilizations, sex was not taboo, and we had sex in front of others. But when it became impermissible, we became more restrained and at the same time more interested. It is like anything else you can’t have, something inside you may want more.
She has been sincere and upfront about sex and explained it to my children in a much better way than anybody else. My husband and I blushed, but the kids didn’t, and it was kind of funny in a way. I am a bit disappointed. It has taken all the mystery out of sex for me.

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