She had tried repeatedly time and time again with various different sexual partners



Jennifer was a 28-year old woman who found herself only able to achieve orgasm through masturbation. At first, she was unsure of why this was and thought that it may be due to her own insecurities or that perhaps there was something wrong with her. She did, however, learn to feel more comfortable about it once she discovered that it was actually quite common among women. It made her feel a little better about herself says South London Escorts from

Unfortunately, many of the men who she found herself having sexual relationships with also ended up developing insecurities about themselves when they discovered that after having sex, she would have to resort to stimulating herself in order to reach orgasm. It made many of them feel inadequate and as though they were the problem, as though they just didn’t do it for her. This was quite frustrating for both Jennifer and the men she had been with. It was a problem which plagued her for many years. Was this normal? Were other women affected in the same? Was there something wrong with her? It continuously played on her mind says South London Escorts.

After many years of feeling that she was not sexually proficient and that, for this reason, she may never be able to find a male partner who she can satisfy fully, she eventually met a man named Ian who was different. Ian was an incredibly handsome man who dressed well, was well groomed and walked with good posture. There was something about him she just couldn’t put her finger on. He had a look about him which suggested that he knew something that nobody else did, which gave him an air of mystery says South London Escorts.

Although she didn’t realize it at first and initially worried that she wouldn’t be able to satisfy him in bed, as it turned out Ian happened to be crazy about female masturbation. Watching a woman pleasure and satisfy herself turned him on more than anything else. It drove him wild. After having their first sexual encounter and upon Ian finishing, as usual she hadn’t reached orgasm. She laid there tempted to say something, as she was now aroused but not satisfied and she wanted the relationship to get off to a good start but she just couldn’t muster up the confidence to say anything.

She lay there for a moment wondering what Ian’s reaction would be if she started to pleasure herself in front of him, then thought about her past sexual experiences and decided it might not be such a good idea. However, just at that moment that she had decided to give up on the idea, Ian must have known intuitively exactly how she was feeling, as he leaned over and pushed himself against her as he gave her a kiss. As he kissed her, he guided her hand down to between her legs suggestively and whispered in her ear, “now finish yourself off”.

Jennifer couldn’t believe her ears. He was encouraging her to do what had previously made so many men feel inferior and once she had started to do so he seemed to be enjoying it to no extent and she could feel him getting aroused again, as he continued to push himself against her. Finally, she began to realize that Ian may be the man for her and was someone who she could be comfortable with in the bedroom, even when masturbating in order to satisfy herself after sex. Finally, she felt liberated.

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