Thanks a lot London escorts!

Basking in the afterglow had gone on long enough. My wife was obviously satisfied and the panting and heavy breathing had simmered down to a restful silence. The sweat was still glistening on her forehead and chest. The sheets were just above our waists as we laid in bed looking out the window. Our session had been vigorous, most men would find that quite enough, but my thoughts continued to drift back to those special nights I had with my special London escorts. I just couldn’t get her out of my head.

I must admit escorts in London had long been my guilty pleasure. I had always been pleased by the way they catered to my needs every time I reached out. I had no idea that Kayleigh would be the one that almost brought my marriage to a crumbling halt. London escorts had provided her profile to me about two months ago, and I was enthralled from the first time I saw her face. Little did I know that her tantalizing words would be the near end to my seven years of semi-happy matrimony. Thanks a lot London escorts!

Kayleigh was stunning in every respect. With a perfect, upscale English accent I had to wonder how a girl of such fine breeding could find her way onto the rolls of the London escorts. She told me that she was raised in the country and had a fondness for horses. Her time in the saddle made her legs strong and shapely. She was a natural at riding and had a knack for grooming the horses. She wasn’t afraid of the big stallions or even the less glamorous work that goes with animal husbandry. She was the kind of girl that didn’t mind getting dirty.

On our third outing through escorts in London, I thought it would be fun to take her on a trail ride. Watching her post and trot as she straddled that big gelding was quite the turn on. She handled him like a champ, and had me melting with thoughts of a roll in the hay. This girl was strong and had a lot of skill, I thought as she removed the saddle and prepared to bathe her steed after the ride. She wouldn’t even think of turning this chore over to the stable hands. Forgetting London escorts for the time, out in the country Kayleigh was really in her element.

Yet she really had a knack for innuendo. When I couldn’t arrange a meeting through London escorts, we kept up contact using text messages, and boy did she know how to stimulate my senses. She called me names that made me feel like a hero and described things that made me blush. Goodness, how I longed to be with her. I couldn’t arrange our meetings through London escorts fast enough to satiate my desire!

Having these text messages archived on my phone may have been great to conjure memories when times were slow, but entering my passcode right next to my wife while we were lying in bed would be my downfall. For she unlocked the phone and saw the whole licentious conversation with Kayleigh while I was in the shower. My fascination with London escorts wound up costing me a whole lot!

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