Threats to Your Relationship

What issues can threaten your relationship on a day to day basis? I am not sure that we are fully aware of what can threaten our relationship on a day to day basis. When I speak to my colleagues here at London escorts, most of the girls think that it is flirting with others and stuff like that. Sure, that is part of the problem, but there are other things which can jeopardise the status quo in a relationship as well. They may be less obvious, but they do have a tendency to sneak up us on. I know, because I have had it happen to me.

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Sometimes little daily changes in our lives threaten our relationships. It is not easy to spot small changes, but they are there. When I first started to work an extra per day for London escorts, I did not really think that much about it at first. However, all of a sudden I realized that one extra per day was time that I spent with my partner. Instead of getting home a bit earlier in the evening, I was not getting home later. I got caught up in rush hour, and it seemed to make me late for everything.

My partner and I always used to enjoy cooking dinner together and stuff like that. By working an extra hour for London escorts, things became much more rushed. Instead of taking the time over dinner, and perhaps even lazing around with a pre-dinner drink, we ended up rushing everything. We did not even sit down and have a chat over dinner. It was more like we had to eat quickly to get on with the other things that we needed to do. Time together is so precious, and you often don’t realize that until it is too late.

People do have to work hard in London to make sure that you an afford to live here. I am not the only girl at London escorts who is having to work my socks off. The other girls do as well, and I am sure that they are feeling the affects in their relationship. Most of what we do here at London escorts is shift work, and that can make you really tired. Also just traveling to and from work can make you tired, and by the end of the week, I just feel like putting my feet out.

Flirting may be the obvious thing that can affect your relationship, but when you stop and think about it, there are so many aspects of your life which can touch on your relationship. Problems creep in so quickly, and you may not spot them until it is too late. I am working less hours at London escorts. Sure, it is affecting the amount of money that I earn, but I have learned to manage on less. It is not easy to try to do everything, and that is often what I think that we try to do. Sometimes you just need a little bit of chill out time to enjoy the company of your partner, or husband.

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