To Have A Perfect Sex Partner…be One

I don’t usually write “adult content.” I’m qualified to write this article because I’ve been a professional social escort (the kind who never has sex with a client, but knows other ways to relieve the client’s tension). Then I retired from that job before it got boring, settled down, and married my business partner from my day job…and discovered that we could reach near-simultaneous orgasm every single time.

Part of the secret was having learned, by practice, to pay attention to another person’s reactions even when my own feelings reached distracting heights. A few basics, like “If orgasms aren’t completely simultaneous, the woman’s should come first,” also help. And also…

Familiarity can be good

Whether people are married or not, they do get older; sex does become familiar, more of a habit, less than a thrill. The good part is that part of the thrill used to come from the uncertainty of never knowing whether it was going to work. Replacing that uncertainty with knowing that it will work, because you’re expressing love for your partner for life, makes it even better.

Do size, shape, color, age, etc., matter?

Some people describe their ideal mate in terms of body type. If that’s very important to you, you may have no choice but to consider only “your type” as potential partners. Nevertheless, someone who is congenial with you as a person, who might be taller or shorter or whatever, might be a better choice in the long run than someone who perfectly fits the description of “your type.”

Different things work for different couples

Should “adult content” always contain words that will snag family filters? Should I mention that when his penis completely fills her hands, it also reaches her G-spot? Trouble is, hand size varies more than penis size, and some women don’t even have G-spots.

Some people want more friction, and some want more smoothness. Some women handle their clitorises the way most men do their penises, and others prefer that nothing directly touch the clitoris at all.

So the best advice an adult article can offer really is about caring and paying attention.

What’s your shade of gray?

For me, concentrating on my own feelings was certainly fun…but when I felt completely surrendered to my partner’s feelings, that was better. Though whips ‘n’ chains don’t excite me, being submissive (in this limited sense) does.

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