Who have I hooked up with..

The other day, I really felt like calling my mum and asking her for a little bit of advice. I have met this really wonderful man on a date night with the girls from London escorts, but the only problem is, that he will not let me into his apartment. However, I did not need to call my mum to ask her what I should do. I knew straight away that she would tell me to run a mile, and give up on him, but I am not sure. I date plenty of shy guys at London escorts, and maybe he is just shy or has a weird hobby.

That thing about a weird hobby worries me a bit. I met a sweet guy at London escorts, and he is was also a bit reluctant for me to make outcalls to him. In the end, it turned out that he believes he used to be a vampire in a previous life and even sleeps in a coffin. His flat was full of vampire gear, and I cannot believe that this guy is a leading QC in everyday life. But so many of the guys I date at London escorts, have peculiar sides, so I don’t worry about stuff like this too much anymore.

Could it be that this guy I have met is a hoarder? You hear about this people hoarding stuff and not wanting to let you in their homes in case you knick something. That would be kind of interesting. So far, I have not dated a hoarder at charlotte escorts, so it would be one more quirky personality to tick off on my charlotte escorts bucket list of rare individuals. That is right, some people collect object and I collect rare people. I need a hoarder to add to my list, and perhaps this is the guy.

Should I be frighten? I think if the guy gave me the creeps, I would feel frighten but I don’t. Instead he comes across as really normal. One of the girls I know really well at charlotte escorts, dated a guy who did not trust her and would not let her into his house. When he finally did, it turned out he was an amazing artist and worried about having his art copied. He was not crazy, but like I keep reminding myself, we meet all sorts of unique people at London escorts.

I think I will ask him why he will not let me in. Normally I don’t push the guys I meet at charlotte escorts at all, but this guy seems to need a bit more than a helping hand. If he comes out with a reply which freaks me out a bit, I may not see him again. I really don’t know what to do. The best thing would probably be to play our next date by ear as they say. He is so generous and nice that I would hate to lose touch with him. You never know what goes on in people’s lives, but I am pretty sure that he does not have a serious weapon collection tucked away in there. He talks about rare books a lot, perhaps that is it!

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